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FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, who want to have fatty bodies? I'm sure of course did not allow it. One of the common reasons I hear being veg or raw is to lose weight, so I think I need some time to give some advice! Ten tips to burn this fat will help you lose weight, commit yourself, get in shape, and feel better about yourself!

1. Set your goals

Look at your life and ask yourself: "What do I want to change? How do I imagine myself in the future? What is my goal? Why do I want to lose weight? "Pick up a pen and a sheet of paper, and write your answers to these questions. This will help keep your goals and motivations fresh and present in your mind.

2. Look at what you eat

For three days, write down every thing you eat to get a realistic and complete picture of your current eating habits. To lose weight optimally, we need to eat whole plant food that is clean, not processed. A diet high in raw foods offers plenty of fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals, while nuts help you feel full with less calories and fat than you get from animal products. See my tips on food preparation for weight loss for ideas about what to eat. Prep Eating is LIFE !!

3. Get cardiovascular exercise

Cardio helps burn more calories, so make plans! How many days of the week will you exercise, and what exercises will you do?

4. Strength training

It's important to lose weight, because muscle burns fat! My friend Torre Washington has an amazing and easy to follow guide that I use myself and highly recommend!

5. Hydrate


6. Eat potassium-rich foods to keep water in the muscles

Bananas, coconut water, and avocados are so good!

7. Keep stress levels low, because stress causes physical tension and affects our entire system

Work to slow down and learn to appreciate life. Walk around, breathe, use the Headspace app, and know that everything will be fine!

8. Create a plan!

Take notes physically so you can visualize it and easily follow it. Write down what you will eat and what exercises you will do every day to help you achieve your goals!

9. Track your progress

Use a picture or measure your dimensions, body fat, or weight. But do not judge yourself for where you are in the process! Love yourself as it is at the moment.

10. Make a commitment to yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I will do this because I love myself enough to follow up." Even if you're off track, commit to get back to it soon!

Well, Ladies, that's 10 easy tips to burn fat in the body. The most important of all is the real action. Not just limited to plan without any direction.

Good luck, Ladies!

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