10 Fashion Trends in Clothing Colors 2018

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10 Fashion Trends in Clothing Colors 2018_FavorswithStyle.com

10 Fashion Trends in Clothing Colors 2018 / Copyright Pixabay

FavorswithStyle.com – Hi Ladies, talk about fashion will never be endless. And always dynamic from the first until now. Fashion has a rapid development and often change over time. And entering the summer of 2018, the trend of fashion that much loved the modern day is the colors of modern. The combination of soft or calm / pastel colors with striking colors but still pleasing to the eye. Monochrome color (black and white) is still the best choice as a unified companion of striking or pastel color as it can create a good color balance so it looks expensive, classy and elegant.

Here it is 10 fashion trend trends for 2018.

Cherry Tomato / Copyright: herbeauty.co

Cherry Tomato

This red tomato color not only makes you the center of attention but also bold and sexy.

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