3 Frequently Asked Questions About Beauty Products

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FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, if observed, the beauty trends over the years have begun to lead to products with natural or organic claims. Some say that beauty products with natural ingredients have advantages compared to conventional beauty products. No wonder if at this time the various producers of beauty products rolled out rows of products that are claimed using natural or natural ingredients.

However, whether natural beauty products are actually safer for the skin? Let's see 3 questions that often arise related beauty products with natural ingredients following discussion below.

Is it true that Beauty Products with Natural Materials are Free of Synthetic Materials or Chemicals?

Apparently, the notion of "natural" does not merely mean that beauty product is made from plants. The "natural" in question can mean being made up of renewable resources, environmentally friendly, or free of animal testing. What you need to pay attention to is whether the beauty product you choose uses natural ingredients or uses only natural material extracts.

Natural material extracts mean the product is not purely made from natural ingredients. However, there are some chemicals that are commonly used for cosmetics, such as mica, silica, and clay which is a natural material derived from nature and in the process of making these materials used directly without going through a chemical process. It should be underlined that there is no specific regulation in place that really sets the standard for these naturally labeled products. As a consumer, you should be smarter in researching the components and materials contained in natural labeled beauty products.

Beauty Products with Natural Materials / Copyright Pixabay

Are Beauty Products with Natural Materials Much Better for the Skin?

The answer is depending on the needs and conditions of your skin. One thing is certain that beauty products that use natural ingredients are free of various chemicals that potentially irritate the skin. For example, sulfates, phthalates, potassium hydroxide, and many other chemicals. Natural ingredients can be better for you because it minimizes irritation or allergic reactions, but it does not mean it is also 100% safe for all skins as it may also be the product with this natural ingredient triggering allergic reactions.

Keep in mind that everyone has different conditions. If likened to like food, there are people who are allergic to nuts, there is also a seafood allergy. So is the skin. Some are allergic to certain ingredients; can be certain chemicals or even allergies with natural ingredients. Back again, you should know and be aware of the skin reaction whenever you finish using a product to know which one works well to answer skin needs.

If Products with Natural Materials Much Better for the Skin, Why Are All Beauty Products Not Made With Natural Materials Only?

The underlying reasons for this are cost issues. Of course, the cost of production for products that use chemicals is much cheaper than the beauty products that all use natural ingredients. One other reason why there are more beauty products that do not use natural ingredients is the difficulty of creating products with a perfect emulsion-free and bacteria-free finish without the involvement of certain chemicals. However, the beauty industry today is always trying to develop technology for beauty products that ultimately further minimize the use of chemicals.

Regardless of whether or not beauty products that use natural ingredients, one thing that should take precedence is to choose a beauty product that really useful in accordance with each skin type. In addition, as an intelligent consumer, you should always carefully read the label before buying beauty products. Avoid beauty products that clearly contain harmful chemicals or extracts of natural ingredients that actually do not bring a good impact on skin health.

Good luck, Ladies!

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