4 Things You Need To Do After Using Acne Patch! Skin Remains Healthy


In addition to using tea tree oil or mud mask, acne spot is one of the other practical solutions that many women choose to treat acne. Acne spots or acne patches are actually very practical to use. You only need to attach this small round tape to the pimples, keep calm for a while, then warts will shrink. Well, until the skin stays well after releasing the acne patch, try doing the following, let's!

1. Clean your face

After using the overnight acne patch, you will generally wake up with an incomplete white patch. This is because the patch has absorbed the contents of a zit. When the patch is opened, adhesive residue or glue may remain on the skin. So, to keep your skin condition awake, be sure to clean your face immediately after using acne patch to get rid of the remaining adhesives.

2. Peeling

When the skin is painted, you can avoid peeling to prevent pimples from getting inflamed. But when acne contracts, you can peel off immediately. Focus on peeling in the facial area where there is more accumulation of dead skin cells, including the areas that you previously applied acne patches. In addition to cleaning the residue of the adhesive that is still present, peeling will also help promote the replacement of dead skin cells to reduce acne scars.

3. Use a humidifier

In addition to being able to absorb the contents of acne, the acne patch can also draw moisture from the skin below it. So do not be surprised if the skin area around the acne label looks dry and covered. Well, to restore the skin condition, as usual, make sure you apply a moisturizer always in the former acne patch area. Not only can keep your skin moist, but this method will also prevent the appearance of pimples later, you know!

4. Return to apply the acne patch

Even if you have used acne patches, this does not mean that your acne is completely healed. Sometimes, acne still leaves a little "content" that has not been lifted. To avoid acne due to pollution and dust while keeping it in direct contact with make-up, you can restore acne until the contents of zit are fully absorbed.

Well, prefer little information that can provide information and benefits to move forward. Do not forget to share this article, see you.

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