5 Basic Child Care Patterns Every Parent Should Know

5 Basic Child Care Patterns Every Parent Should Know_FavorswithStyle

5 Basic Child Care Patterns Every Parent Should Know / Copyright Pixabay

FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, having a child who grows well, obedient and socializing with the community is certainly the dream of all parents. parents are the first teachers for children to learn many things, both academically and life in general. That is why parents have a big responsibility in providing the right care for children.

Every parent needs to have a good parenting base so that the child can grow into a person who can and in accordance with the community. What do parents need? Here's the list.

1. All children are intelligent children

Parents should instill this mindset in the brain, that every child has their own intelligence. If he is not very good at math, he may be good at Science and Language or may excel in a particular sport.

Howard Gardner, a psychologist at Harvard University, suggested that every parent should develop a child's intelligence according to his or her own intelligence, be they verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic or existential.

2. Each child has a different way of processing information

Because children are born different as individuals, the way they process the information received is different. The speed of understanding a thing or applying it in life can vary. Parents need to know the learning style of children so as to maximize the potential and talent of children.

Every child is a good person / Copyright Pixabay

3. Every child is good

The child is the responsibility of the parent. A parent's influence on the life and mindset of the child. Every child is good, and parents should avoid giving negative labels to children such as naughty, fussy, stupid, fussy and so forth. This title will also give a negative direction for children.

4. Every child has the right to vote

Everyone has patents he has had from birth, including the right to vote. Instead of imposing the will of a parent that is not in accordance with the will of the child, the child has the right to decide what is best for him.

5. Every child's business deserves to be appreciated

Failure is natural, or results that do not match expectations are common. Every child's business deserves appreciation, not reproach let alone blame. Appreciation is not necessary for the form of goods, can with praise, pat the child's shoulder, hug the child, and so forth. A simple form of appreciation can actually entertain the child and make him learn to respect himself and others.

Well, Ladies, that's some parenting that must be known to the parents. With the hope of children can grow into a person who can and in accordance with the community.

So have you applied the parenting mindset and parenting?

Good luck, Ladies!

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