5 Habits That Make Skin Care Not Working Effectively


5 Habits That Make Skin Care Not Working Effectively / Copyright Pixabay

FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, before buying a skincare product, most of you will be looking for a review of the product first to see if the product has a satisfactory performance or not. If the product has positive reviews, championed by many people, let alone recommended by beauty editors and beauty influencers, may make you more steady to buy the product, right?

However, what if you've been using skin care products dubbed holy grail by many reviews but have not felt any effect? Before blaming the authors of reviews or product makers, check first, lest there are some habits that are often unconscious done so make skin care does not work effectively. Anything?

1. Using Products Too Little or Many

In general, instructions for using a product will read 'apply equally on face' or other similar sentences. Well, in accordance with the instructions, apply the products evenly on the face. Do not because the price of the product makes the bag dry, then you skimp and use the product a little because it feels 'dear'. Instead of frugality, you just will not get the optimal benefits from the product. On the other hand, if the product has an active ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide or retinol, too much use will also make skin care not work effectively and potentially cause irritation.

2. Apply To The Skin In Dry Condition

The damp skin has a much better absorbing ability than dry skin. This is one reason there is a 3-second rule in Korean Skin Care Routine where the first 3 seconds after washing the face is considered as the most optimal time for applying skin care to be effectively absorbed. However, that does not mean you have to hurry to finish the skincare series immediately after bathing, anyway! You can use the use of face mist or face spray to moisturize the skin before using other skin care.

3. Less Appropriate Approach

Although it sounds trivial, the sequence of skin care use can also affect the effectiveness or absence of skin care work, you know! If you use oil-based skin care before skin care with a water base, of course, skin care with water-based alias will not be absorbed with the maximum and cannot work effectively. Similarly, the use of skin care after sunscreen that has the nature of 'lock' whatever is beneath it. Make sure that your skin care sequence is correct to get maximum results, yes!

4. Not Giving Time Older Time for Skin Care Works

Speaking of time, there are two cases that may occur in the use of skin care, here. First, you try a new skincare for 1 week, then when you see no meaningful effect is immediately stopped and switch to another product. Alone, skin care takes a long time (can be 1-3 months) to be able to show the results. Especially if it contains natural and organic ingredients, the time required until the results look cannot be as fast as expected. Well, the second case is you do not give enough time for skin care to absorb maximally and directly overwrite it with other products. Some skin care types such as BHA are recommended to stand for 30 minutes before you can continue the skin care routine stage. In order not to be mistaken, always check back the product usage instructions, yes!

5. Not Exfoliating

Skincare content will be absorbed by the skin through the pores of the skin. Well, if the pores and top layers of your skin just covered by dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, certainly the absorption of skin care content will not be effective, right? To maximize the process of skin care absorption, make sure you exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and open the 'road' so that the skin care content is absorbed maximally.

Well, Ladies, that's a few habits that are often unconsciously done so that makes skin care does not work effectively. The worst bad habit should begin to be abandoned so that skin care can work effectively and optimally for our facial skin.

Good luck, Ladies!

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