5 Makeup Mistakes Can Make Spotty!

5 Makeup Mistakes Can Make Spotty!_FavorswithStyle.com_2

5 Makeup Mistakes Can Make Spotty! / Copyright Pixabay

FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, who are never spotty when a teenager? I'm sure it must have happened. I'm no exception. As a teenager, having a pimply face may have been natural. The effect of hormones when puberty cannot be deceived. But what if later in adulthood did you keep pimples? Maybe the problem is in makeup, something is wrong with the choice and use of your makeup for this.

As quoted from Women's Health, the following errors wearing makeup that can usually cause acne problems.

Let's Ladies discuss one by one.

1. Using the wrong Foundation

Generally, makeup will not cause acne, but for certain skin conditions, can cause allergies or clog pores that cause the growth of bacteria and cause acne, says David Lortscher, dermatologist, and CEO of Curology. Choose a foundation with a non-comedogenic label, non-allergic and mineral-based, thus reducing skin irritation or blockage of the pores.

2. Covering acne with many foundation

According to professor of dermatology Craig Austin, this bad habit can actually cause acne more inflamed, not healed, and can even exacerbate the irritation. When the air cannot come into contact with the skin, acne does not heal quickly. You are actually inhibiting the skin to breathe. The best way is to avoid the use of the foundation is too thick on acne.

Diligently clean the makeup equipment so as not to cause acne / Copyright Pixabay

3. Apply makeup with your fingers

Apply makeup with a brush or beauty sponge, avoid using fingers because the fingers become the nesting place of many bacteria you do not know. Get used to washing your hands every time you apply makeup, and routinely wash your brush and sponge makeup.

4. Using dirty makeup equipment

Using makeup tools such as brushes, sponges, and other dirty makeup tools, let alone already used by many people, will aggravate the risks of facial acne. At least wash makeup equipment once a week if used for yourself, and wash makeup equipment after each makeup when used for many people.

5. Rarely clean up night makeup

The night is a perfect time for the skin to rest and regenerate the skin cells to stay beautiful and youthful. But if you never clean the night makeup before going to sleep, do not be surprised if the face is easy to break out and even more wrinkled.

Well, Ladies, that's some errors wearing makeup that can cause facial skin problems that is acne. You should start eliminating the errors wearing the makeup above. Let's get more attention with your own skin!

Good luck, Ladies!

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