5 Skin Care Content Should Avoid Sensitive Skin

5 Skin Care Content Should Avoid Sensitive Skinhare_FavorswithStyle.com Copyright Shutterstock

5 Skin Care Content Should Avoid Sensitive Skincare / Copyright Pixabay

FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, to get a healthy skin, there are many ways you can do, ranging from maintaining food and drink intake, adequate rest, stress control, and of course routine treatment with a variety of skin care products. Choosing skin care products that will be used should not be arbitrary.

The reason, there is some content at risk of adverse effects, especially on sensitive skin types. Well, in order not to be mistaken in buying the product, the following listed 5 content that should be avoided by sensitive skin owners because it has the potential to irritate.

Lanolin / Copyright InVitamin.com

Lanolin / Copyright InVitamin.com

1. Lanolin

Lanolin is a powerful type of content to make the skin feel soft and moist. This type of essential oil or fat derived from sheep is well known to the owner of dry skin. However, not with the sensitive skin owner. The use of skin care products made from lanolin on the sensitive skin will actually trigger the emergence of blackheads and acne.

Isopropyl Myristate / Copyright Feroca

Isopropyl Myristate / Copyright Feroca

2. Isopropyl Myristate

Some brand skin care is known to insert the content of isopropyl myristate into the product, especially moisturizer. The content of isopropyl myristate can indeed reduce the appearance of excessive on the skin. Even so, if used every day, this one material was actually able to clog pores and trigger irritation.

3. Comedogenic content

Sensitive skin owners are more advisable to use non-comedogenic skin care products. The reason, the use of comedogenic materials will actually lead to skin problems. Cottonseed oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and also butyl stearate is said to be the type of content that the highest level of comedogens. Although the actual content can solve skin problems, unfortunately, these types of content can also cause side effects that harm the skin, one of the acne.

4. SLS and SLES

SLS and SLES are two types of sulfate content found in many facial wash products. Generally, a facial wash that uses both of these materials will have an abundant foam. The amount of foam generated by facial cleanser products is actually not a guarantee that the product is really powerful in lifting the dirt. Existing on the contrary, abundant foam can cause dry skin and damage the lipid. In addition, sensitive skin owners also need to avoid products with antibacterial content that triggers the skin to become dry, such as tetrasodium EDTA and triclosan.

5. Phthalates

If the skin care product you currently use contains phthalates, immediately stop using it. Type of content that many found in this sunscreen products should not be used by the owners of sensitive skin. Phthalates itself is indeed working to help the skin absorb the product well. Unfortunately, the use of this product is constantly known to trigger the onset of cancer. In addition, one of the researchers from New York also mentioned that beauty product that contains phthalates risk of causing fever, asthma, and skin irritation.

Well, Ladies, that's some of the content at risk of adverse effects that must be avoided by those who have sensitive skin types.

Good luck, Ladies!

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