The 6 Best Places to Use Perfumes You Don’t Know


During this time, perhaps the use of fragrance is the simplest ritual in the morning or before traveling. Just sprayed and will remain fragrant and fresh throughout the day. However, it turned out that using perfumes is not that easy. There are special tricks to make your fragrance more fragile and durable. Collected from different sources, this is how to use the appropriate fragrance.

Where should perfume be sprayed?

So that the fragrance you buy is not sprayed in vain, there are some important points in the body that can not be missed. Apparently, besides the wrist and neck, there are other parts to consider. This is the explanation.

1. Wrist
You may already know that splashing the fragrance on the pulse can make the fragrance more fragile. This is because your active pulse will cause heat throughout the working day. This high temperature will help spread fragrance. So, the pulse on the wrist is the right point to use perfume.

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2. Neck
Just like the wrist, your neck is also one of the centers of the arteries in your body. Therefore, spray the fragrance on the neck can keep the fragrance longer. You can sprinkle a little on the neck under the chin and on the collar bone.

3. The Ears
Spray the fragrance on the back of the earlobe and top the ear facing the outside. These points are usually warm and moist so that the oil of perfumes can last longer.

4. Inside the elbows
Do you remember when you wanted a nurse or doctor to take your blood sample? They usually take blood from the inner elbow. This is because the area is actually the center of the pulse. So, do not miss your elbow when you spray the fragrance.

5. Hair
It is not common to wear perfume in your hair. However, it turns out the hair to absorb the perfume well. The hair also moves more and explodes by the wind. Makes the fragrance that adheres to the hair easy to spread and tattoo others. Do not spray perfume on the scalp because it can make hair dry. It is recommended to spray enough on the comb and trim the bottom of your hair using a comb.

6. Clothing
The fibers of your clothes can also absorb fragrance throughout the day. Even the perfume in the clothes more durable than the skin. However, be careful of clothes of silk and other fine fabrics. Solid chemicals can damage tissue.

These are special tricks so that the perfume is more fragile and long-lasting, thank you

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