6 Fashion Style Influencer It’s suitable for you who are bored of the same style that’s it!

6 Fashion Style Influencer It's suitable for you-www.favorswithstyle.com

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Favorswithstyle.com - Looking for non-bored style and comfort is not easy. You should also search here and there for inspiration. For you who are bored again the same style this, you should try 6 styles of influential fashion style This is cool and not boring!

Match Set

For those of you who wish to experience a new style of boredom, you should try this one! A matching set that uses the Adhiguna Juffi makes its appearance look more distinct. You can get a kimono set or pajamas or a blazer set that will make you not bored with your style.

Floral Dress

It's okay if you try to look more feminine with a floral dress. Especially if you want to wear an informal or boyish style, you should really try a floral dress as worn by Andrea Vanesha.

Mix style

If this is special for you who really dare to be different. The use of a different costume style as dictated by Ayla Dimitri is actually not boring. You can mix plaid with floral, floral with ribbon, cotton cloth with floral, or any other style you like.


Maybe some of you often wear a suit. But we think he's not bored with a jumpsuit at all! A suit can also be used in formal and even formal occasions. Make sure you choose a jumpsuit with colors that make you more confident. Like Cindy Carmuco, who wears a suit with ash and looks cool with cream-colored bags and black flat shoes.


Those who do not like mainstream style can really imitate this style of Sonia Erika. With a secondary line along with a white crest makes its appearance cooler. Do you agree in addition to a unique style, this pattern can make you more proud of the same typical Indonesian cloth.

Collar and short

Elxi Elxi style this one really unique! You can childish style with a short turtleneck, add cool with belt and shoes worn. not boring? Let's try it!

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