7 Most Effective Ways to Increase Height in Adult Age


Human growth will grow rapidly during puberty and eventually stops, which is approximately the age of 16-18 years. Now, are you satisfied with your current height? Said that the removal of corpses in adulthood was impossible. when is that?

What affects the height?

Before discussing how to raise your body in adulthood, you should first figure out the things that affect your current height.

Genetic or atomic is the main factor that determines your current height. Look at your father and put the mother.

If both sides are high, you are likely to have a slender height. Conversely, if only one side is long and the other is short, your position will be determined by the stronger gene.

This means that you can have a long, medium-length father because your father's genetic mixture and maternal inheritance is strong, or short because you inherited a small gene from your mother's body.

Another factor that can determine your height is the adequacy of important nutrients and physical activity during the early growth period until puberty ends.

How to lift the body naturally

He said, how to raise the body during puberty was only to use some drugs or equipment sold in the market. wait a moment

There are many ways to naturally lift your body, as you know, even though you are an adult.

1. Eat nutritiously

In general, the increasingly fragile bones in adulthood can make our bodies appear too constrained and too short. This is because our bones are not strong enough to carry the body weight that continues to increase.

Dietary sources of protein, vitamin D and calcium are the best options for maintaining bone strength. Cow's milk for example. Apart from high calcium and protein, milk also contains a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which is important to support the growth of bone length.

2. Sleep enough

Getting enough sleep every night from the Healthline can be a way to raise the body indirectly.

During long nights, the body releases the human growth hormone (HGH). This hormonal production will decline if you "hobby" stay late or lack sleep.

The average adult is advised to get enough sleep for 7-8 hours each night.

3. Improve body posture

The normal state of the human body will reduce age. This is because the bone density is also decreasing so that your body frame is no longer as strong as it was to support the burden.

The various bad habits that you do every day can make you realize that it makes your body look short. For example, sitting, standing and walking bent.

Therefore, improve your position so that the grass bones become more cohesive so that the stature appears taller and slower.

4. Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga can be a way to gain weight. Yoga moves all parts of the body so that it can strengthen muscles, straighten and help keep your posture upright.

You can practice yoga in your home or join the yoga fitness center. For beginners who want to practice yoga, please follow the movements and steps of yoga videos on the Internet.

5. Strengthens the muscles of the body

You can also strengthen your body muscles as a way to slowly lift your body.

The strong middle part of the body can help the person maintain a good posture and look longer. The muscles that must be strengthened are the muscles of the abdomen and muscles along the spine.

These muscles will help support the spine. When these muscles are too weak, the spine is not supported properly the body can bend slowly.

6. Swimming

Swimming is a way to raise a body that has been trusted since ancient times and is already effective.

When swimming, the body will move against gravity and the flow of water to train the overall strength of the muscles of the body.

Swimming helps to improve your body's posture and keep your body taller.

7. Play basketball

Many basketball players have long bodies hanging above the average. This is because it is true that playing basketball can make you longer.

When you play basketball, your body will run a lot and jump against gravity so that your body muscles stretch back and spine to the maximum.

In addition to the seven ways to raise the body above, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent a decline in height of life. Try to drink enough water every day.

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