About Women Shoes And Personality

About Women's Shoes

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Favorswithstyle.com - Shoes And Personality Perhaps only we women are able to understand the significance of a pair of shoes, whatever the model, women's shoes for work, women's shoes for traveling and even women's shoe models that can be used for all conditions. In this article, I will try to argue between a woman's shoes and her personality.

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Believe it or not, beautiful shoes will instantly make the wearer look more stylish even increase his confidence. Upps, the most important shoe model that women wear will describe the type of character also you know.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes, if you wear more women shoes this type means you include people who are relaxed and youthful. You belong to a person who never minds what's going on in life and prefers to let things go the way they are. Not resigned but trying not to panic, in addition, you also include people who are easy to get along with. Agree?


You are very fond of wearing Ballerina flat shoes is a person who is relaxed, friendly, adaptable because it has a high enough confidence and lasts you, energizer. But unfortunately, sometimes you also become quite sensitive, especially when it comes to the problem of the heart, a bit hobby yah you


Loafer women shoes I conclude you include women who introvert and choose to be silent even when the problem is quite heavy. Because of this introvert also you also include people who are quite careful in choosing friends. But there is another side of you that is quite sensational, for example, you are including an ambitious person and already know what you want in life.

Wedges Shoes

Women who like to wear women shoes this type of wedges are usually very concerned about the style and comfort look every day. You are a person who gives priority to freedom, highly appreciate trust, ambitious and straightforward when speaking or acting. Unfortunately, you are also often doubtful or difficulty in taking a decision.

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