Avoid, Drink Ice Water After Exercising


Why should not I take iced water after exercise?

It turned out that drinking iced water after exercise is not recommended by health experts. Ice water actually risks creating effects that are not good for need. Here is an explanation why you should avoid iced water after exercise.

1. The body does not absorb it quickly

Unlike cold water or water at room temperature, it is difficult to absorb iced water after exercise. Cold water can pass through the stomach faster so water can be sent to the small intestine in order to obtain maximum absorption. After exercise, your body is drier because you lose lots of fluids through sweat. Therefore, the ice water that is not quickly absorbed by the body makes you feel more thirsty. You are more prone to dehydration and bloating.

2. Peeing

Drinking iced water can make you urinate more. This is because the bladder lies directly in front of the small intestine. The lower the temperature of the small intestine, the urine becomes colder and harder to hold on to the bladder. If you urinate too often, your body can lack potassium and sodium. To overcome this, you can add a little salt to your drinking water to balance the different electrolytes lost during exercise.

3. Hyponatremia

Drinking iced water is more difficult than getting rid of your thirst because it is difficult to absorb water in your body. So, some people finally chose to drink bottles of ice water at one time. It turns out that this can endanger life because drinking too much water without breaking the risk causes sodium deficiency. Sodium deficiency occurs because sodium in the blood suddenly drops dramatically. Sodium is an electrolyte responsible for regulating water content in the body. When you lack this electrolyte, the cells in your body can suffer from swelling. This is what in some cases causes death risk.

Is it true that body members will be surprised because ice water is too cold?

You may also be heard banning drinking iced water after exercise because the body temperature becomes hot, and will make iced water organs in the body "shocked". If you drink a lot of iced water, the temperature is less than 3 degrees Celsius, there is a possibility that the blood vessels will narrow and this causes the risk of stopping blood flow. However, this did not happen immediately because of a sudden change in temperature. Temperatures that are very cold can cause mainly shrinkage and contraction. For this reason, if you eat ice cream or cold liquids, your brain feels like frozen.

What is the temperature of good drinking water after exercise?

Avoid too cold or too hot to drink after exercise. Recommended temperature range from 4 to 15 ° C. Cold water is better for your body after exercise because it absorbs it faster than the body and can prevent your body temperature from increasing dramatically. If there is no cold water, water at room temperature can be an option after exercise.

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