The Beauty Products Must Be On the Bedside


The Beauty Products Must Be On the Bedside / Copyright Pixabay - Hi Ladies, always look beautiful every time things are desired by all women. It's comfortable on the mattress and wants to get some sleep, suddenly remembered if you have not done skincare routine at night. Familiar with the situation? If it is stuck the same mattress, it's very hard to get up and use a variety of skin care products.

Well, then you do not do this routine at all, you better prepare some essential products beside the bed. That way, care products can be achieved with just a handful of hands! Here are some beauty products that must be at the side of the bed.

Makeup Remover Wipes

Already know the result of falling asleep using makeup? This habit should be avoided because it can cause various skin problems. If it is too tired to do double cleansing and use a series of skin care at night, at least prepare makeup remover wipes at the bedside. You can clean the face of makeup and dirt on your face after a day of activity. In addition to using wipes, you can also prepare cotton in a micellar water bath stored in a sealed container.

Lip Balm

Dry lips and cracked can cause discomfort. Especially if you use all day lipstick. Well, to avoid dry lip conditions in the morning, make it a habit to use lip balm/lip mask before bed. Prepare your favorite lip balm at the bedside to keep in mind to use it. Rêve de Miel Lip Balm from Nuxe or Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige can be a choice of suitable products placed beside the bed.

Face Mist

Sleeping in a sultry condition may be uncomfortable for some people. No wonder if many people who like to turn on the AC while sleeping. However, as we know, air conditioning can cause our skin to become dry. Until sometimes the moisturizer that we use before sleep was less able to keep our skin moist. Are you one of those people who often experience this problem? If so, face mist is one of the beauty products that must exist besides your bed. No need to bother to wake up and reapply moisturizer. Just spray face mist to get instant hydration.

Body Lotion / Dry Oil

In addition to facial skin, body skin health also should not be ignored. Exposure to sunlight, pollutants, and changes in temperature that occur around us can make your skin feel dry skin. Well, one of the best times to nourish the skin is when we fall asleep. Always provide a body lotion by the bed so that you always remember to use it before bed. If you feel the body lotion is too heavy to use before bed, dry oil such as Bio Oil and Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil can also be an alternative product that you can use to nourish your skin while sleeping.


Not only must be in the bag and workbench, hair tie is also a must have at the bedside, especially for those of you who have long hair. If you fall asleep with long loose hair, you will get messy and tangled hair in the morning. In addition to making hair tidier, tying the hair can also make the hair salvaged from the risk of fracture. However, be sure to choose elastic hair bands and tie the hair loosely so as not to attract hair.

Well, Ladies, that's some beauty products that if necessary at the bedside. So that makes it easier for us to always do care or facial cleansing at night before bed. And of course for our skin health to stay awake beauty.

Good luck, Ladies!

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