Calculate the age of pregnancy and estimated days of birth – Part 2


The key to using a pregnancy calculator is to calculate the estimated uterine and delivery age using the latest menstrual cycle. So, it will be difficult if you forget yourself when you test that period.

What happens if I forget the date of your last menstrual cycle?

However, you do not need to feel frustrated. The reason is, there are still other ways you can do to learn the age of pregnancy besides using a manual calculator for pregnancy, by doing ultrasound to the obstetrician.

The obstetrician will perform an ultrasound examination to measure the length of the fetus from head to buttocks. In medical terminology, this method is called coronary artery length (CRL). The CRL method can provide a more accurate measurement of gestational age.

Tips for choosing a good obstetrician

One of the problems that pregnant women, especially those who are pregnant for the first time, often experiences is choosing a good obstetrician. Choosing a good obstetrician is not easy because it is largely related to your own satisfaction as a patient. Not necessarily a doctor that your friends see well, just like your choice.

Basically, the key is one. Make sure you choose a obstetrician who can make you comfortable during counseling. Yes, comfort is very important. Remember, the doctor you choose will monitor your pregnancy for 9 months.

You can see this comfort indicator from the doctor's shared vision with you. You can get this by asking for a doctor's response to his attitude and attitudes towards natural delivery, cesarean delivery, induction during childbirth and other important problems.

If you feel that the doctor can explain the information you request in detail and according to your vision at birth, the doctor is right for you.

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