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Did you get the good news just because you did a positive pregnancy test? If yes, what you need now is to determine the gestational age and expected delivery day. You can, as you know, calculate the gestational age and estimate the day of birth using a manual pregnancy calculator. How do? Find out here.

Age of the uterus from the first day of the last menstruation

Pregnancy age is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. Although the fetus was not necessarily formed in the uterus, the last days of menstruation were the first week of pregnancy. Because at that time your body is already preparing for pregnancy.

So if you are in a pregnant program, try to always record when the menstrual period is every month. This habit of recording dates helps to know the age of pregnancy.

Learn the age of pregnancy with pregnancy calculator

In addition to going to the obstetrician, it turns out that you can calculate for yourself the duration of the pregnancy. The method is very easy, you can count through the manual load calculator using the calendar.
You need to know when your last menstrual cycle will be. Try to remember again when the first date of the last period began. Now, this is the first day of the last menstrual cycle on the first day of pregnancy.
This gestational age may be about two weeks before conception. You must wonder, why two weeks? This is because the fertilization process usually occurs about two weeks or on the eleventh day and one day after the first day of your last menstruation.
The gestational age usually lasts 40 weeks or 280 days until you give birth.

The age of the uterus differs from that of the fetus

It is important to note that gestational age is not the same age as the fetus. In contrast to gestational age, fetal age is more difficult to ascertain.Pregnancy age is the period of pregnancy. Unfortunately, we do not know when fertilization is taking place in the womb. Doctors and midwives can only estimate the age of the fetus based on gestational age.

However, there is no hundred percent guarantee that the age of the fetus can be accurately calculated. There is not even a precise science that can help doctors ensure fetal age, even with an ultrasound scan.

Unless you are doing an IVF program. IVF makes the doctor and the patient know when the egg is fertilized successfully and when pregnancy results are introduced into the uterus.

Knowing the age of pregnancy helps to know the day of birth
If you already know how to know the age of pregnancy using a hand-held calculator, now is the time to know your child's birth time. By estimating your baby's birth date, you can prepare your baby in advance.

If you already know when the first date of your last cycle is, your estimated baby's birth will be 40 weeks from the first day of the period. Well, from the first date to your last menstrual cycle, go back in the week for the next 40 weeks. This is the date on which your child will be born.

For example, if the first day of your last menstrual period is December 10, 2018 the menstrual cycle lasts for 7 days until the pregnancy is tested positively. Therefore, the gestational age of pregnancy is 17 December 2018. The two-week pregnancy falls on 24 January 2019, three weeks of pregnancy on 31 January 2019, etc. until the age of pregnancy reaches the 40th week , Completely on September 17, 2019 on September 17, 2019, this is the estimate of your baby's birth.

Or you can also calculate estimated days generated using a formula such as:
Date of last menstruation + 7 days - 3 months + 1 year
For example, if the first day of your last lapse is December 10, 2018, the calculation method is:
10 (last live day) + 7 days = 17
12 (last live month, in this example on 12 December) - 3 months = 9 (9th / September)
2018 (LMP) + 1 year = 2019
Of this account produces the estimated date of birth on 17 September 2019.

Remember, this is just an estimate. Therefore, your child is not necessarily born on that date. Only 5 per cent of children are born according to the estimated birth date. Rest, children can be born before and after the estimated date.
To confirm the estimated date of birth, doctors can use other methods, such as ultrasound tests in the first trimester. If necessary, a physical examination can be performed by the doctor.

What happens if I forget the date of your last menstrual cycle?

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