Come Take Advantage of Unused Beauty Products


Come Take Advantage of Unused Beauty Products / Copyright Pixabay - As a beauty enthusiast, try out the latest beauty products it seems like the main needs. In fact, maybe not a few who buy beauty products impulsively. Tempted to buy beauty products actually legitimate, really! Provided you can be careful and wise in using it. Otherwise, all beauty products will accumulate on your dressing table. Too bad, is not it? Well, if there are some products that have been purchased but rarely used or not suitable, rather than wasted, try to use for the following!

1. Make Moisturizer As Hand Cream

Which facial moisturizer you buy makes facial skin acne? Instead of having to be thrown away, try to just turn it into a hand cream. The skin of the hands is usually not as sensitive as facial skin so you do not have to worry about this product will bring the same effect on the skin of the hand. In addition, some moisturizing products are usually also equipped with a formula of lightning and SPF. In addition to moisturizing, so the skin in the area of the hand can also be protected from the dangers of UV rays.

2. Switch Function Lipstick Remover

Butter lip moisturizer does have an excellent moisturizing ability. Unfortunately, the texture of butter-like lip butter often has a greasy effect that makes the wearer less comfortable. Instead of these lip-butters are left 'idle' for too long, just try to use this product as a lipstick remover. Content and texture is oily, considered effective enough to remove the lipstick, even if the finish is a dead matte and is long lasting.

3. Use Face Sunscreen for Hands and Feet

Choosing a sunscreen that fits with the skin is not easy. In fact, tend to have many conditions. In addition to the texture should be lightweight, the women also love the sunscreen that does not cause white-cast, and the formula is safe so it will not cause acne. Trial and error become the only way to find the right sunscreen. Side effects? Of course, there will be a lot of sunscreen stocks that are neglected. But, do not rush discarded even though these products do not fit on the skin of the face! You can still use the sunscreen on other areas of the skin other than the face. For example, the hands and feet are also often exposed to sunlight.

4. Use Facial Wash For Brush Cleanser

Have bottles of facial wash containing SLS, alcohol, or a fragrance that does not fit your facial skin? Try to enable the facial wash to wash the sponge and various makeup brush you have. However, the facial wash has a softer formula than bath soap or shampoo. So, instead of having to buy a brush cleanser whose price tends to be expensive, why not use the cleaners you have?

So, if there are some products that have been purchased but rarely used or not suitable. Do not rush to get rid of. It's useless, is not it? Sis can try to use it as described above!

Hopefully useful, Sis!

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