Cosmetics So The Most Factors That Make Acne Women

89 views - Hi Ladies, the growth of acne on the face is always a problem for a woman. The growth of acne on the face is often a problem for women because it interferes with the appearance. What exactly is the cause of acne on the skin?

According to aesthetic dr. Dinda Fitriningtias, one of the causes of acne is genetic. However, the most influential cause of acne for women is the use of cosmetics.

"The journal confirms that the most acne trigger for women is cosmetics, which are both hormonal," Dinda said at the launching of the Zap Beauty clinic.

According to Dinda acne problem is actually a simple thing, the most important is to reduce cosmetics. Although other factors such as oily skin and diet can also cause acne, that must be considered is cosmetics.

"Actually, acne is simple to reduce cosmetics only, if you want to keep it, can choose for example powder like a water-based lighter, or non-comedogenic," he said.

In addition to women who have problems with acne on the skin of his face is also not recommended to wear cosmetic products that aim whiten. This according to Dinda can cause irritation.

"These brightening products can make irritation if it's still spotty, it's okay, it's usually AHA content," he added.

Good luck, Ladies!

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