Dangerous … Allow the Baby to Sleep in the Car Seat


Car seat, the primary function is indeed for the safety of children. But if not used in place. It can be the opposite, so hurt your little baby.

What I will tell you about this is the case three years ago, which happened to Oklahoma. Shepard, a two-month-old child, died while he was sleeping in a car seat without a seat belt. The case occurred in Shepard Daycare, and he slept without the supervision of anyone. The main reason, the position of Shepard's head in disrupting the airway, caused him to stop breathing.

As stated in parenting.com, what can we learn from this situation, so there will be similar events.

  1. Children should sleep in the place where they should sleep. Mattresses or similar. The point is that the baby's back gets a comfortable cushion.
  2. When using a car seat or carrier, the child must always be under supervision. Prevent the position of their bodies to prevent the airway.
  3. Include a mental set, the car seat should be used according to its functions. Do not put your little one away while working on other things. Car seats are used to keep the child safe while in the car.
  4. Do not let the child sleep or wake up, when the safety bars are unbreakable. Avoid maneuvering your child into a position that puts the airway at risk.

Shepard, Ali Dodd urged lawmakers in his country to issue regulations concerning the safe position on the car seat. Because when the situation happened to his child, there were no specific regulations from the manufacturer of the car seat.

I hope that no similar incident will happen to the family of mothers.

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