Five Foods To Eat Every Day

Five Foods To Eat Every

Five Foods To Eat Every Day / Copyright Pixabay - Hi Ladies, many who do not know to be vegan have many benefits to the body. Of course, it will not be seen for those who have not decided to become vegan. Until you become vegan, it is hard to imagine how extraordinary the amount of food that suits this lifestyle. You can go for weeks (or months!) Without repeating the dish once you get your creative juices flowing! That way, there are five things I make sure to eat every day.

Lemon and Lime / Copyright Pixabay

1. Lemon and Lime

I love lemons and limes! They can add a little flavor to anything, and even work as salt substitutes in many dishes. They are alkaline, meaning they help balance the acid in our body. It's also great for the digestive system, detoxification, and weight loss, and they are full of vitamin C!

Fruits / Copyright Pixabay

2. Fruit

The fruit is the perfect food! Fast, sweet, tasty, high water and fiber, and perfect carbs. Do not worry about the sugar content, because the sugar in the fruit is completely different from refined sugar. Fresh fruits are the best, but frozen fruit is also good for you!

Greens / Copyright Pixabay

3. Greens

Sometimes I eat lots of vegetables, and sometimes less, but I eat some every day no matter what. They are amazing in salads and smoothies! They are foods with the highest amount of minerals and also omega 3 fatty acids are high. Choose whatever vegetables in season to get the best flavor and nutrition!

Avocado / Copyright Pixabay

4. Healthy Fats

Healthy fats include avocados, nuts, and whole grains. Personally, avocado, almond, and cashew nuts are my favorites! We've all heard that fat is bad for you, but the fact is that healthy fats (as you find in these foods) are very important to your body. Eating fat from whole foods, not processed foods like oil, is a great way to help your brain function.

Potatoes / Copyright Pixabay

5. Starch

The starch I use is potatoes and sweet potatoes, but some other good choices are brown rice, peanuts, and quinoa. When you prepare it, be sure to cultivate it as little as possible and avoid adding oil or too much salt. These starches are rich in fiber, low in fat, and easily digested.

Well, Ladies, that's 5 foods that can be eaten daily for those who decide to become vegan. A benefit will not be felt before we want to try it ourselves.

Good luck, Ladies!

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