How to Generate the Passion of Long Distance Love Relationship

How to Generate the Passion of Long Distance Love

How to Generate the Passion of Long Distance Love Relationship /Copyright Pixabay - Hi Ladies, many say that the most difficult relationship is LDR aka long distance relationship. When undergoing LDR, couples will be prone to quarrel, this is because rarely met. There are many things that cause contention, some of which are jealousy, no physical contact, uncertainty about the future, boredom, and longing.

Small problems can be large when undergoing LDR. That is why many cannot survive. Well, but that does not mean LDR cannot be lived. With earnest commitment, you can really live it.

Well, here are some ways you can try to make LDR relationship is still romantic. Anything anyway?

Video Call

Take advantage of technology, Ladies. Now LDR is not as difficult as in the past. You can at any time face to face with a video call. Well, you can try dinner together but via video call. Use the best clothes, prepare the best food or go to a favorite restaurant, and light the candles that make the atmosphere more romantic.


Although being far apart, does not mean you can not love a surprise for him. With so many services now, you can use it to send romantic gifts to couples.

Romantic Messages

Ladies, communication is so important in long-distance relationships. You can do all your favorite activities while telling him. You can also send sweet messages that make it look like you're doing it with you.


Today is already sophisticated Ladies. But writing a letter can be a classic way it will feel more special and romantic. Write a handwritten letter to send to the couple. Well, do not forget to slip a romantic photo together with the couple in the letter.

Surprise Visit

This one could be a very pleasant surprise. What is more exciting than seeing a loved one suddenly present at your doorstep? Couples will surely feel special and touched by your surprise visit.

Well, there's no harm in trying is not it, Ladies?

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