Get Ready! This is the Trend of Parenting in 2019


Parenting trends change every year. What may be the trend in 2019? - This trend is influenced by many things, including the parent's decision on his or her parental style. But from year to year, these mothers inspire each other so that they can become a trend and share stories together.

Official paternity
Yes, parents must have power! Unlike a tiger mother who is always strong, reliable parenting is more flexible and democratic. Children's feelings remain valid, but parents still apply clear criteria on disciplinary matters.

We once wrote about this in the Theraplay article, about the importance of power and connecting parents and children.

Gender issues
Gender issues will be greater because many parents will not give the gender to many things like toys, colors or work. Children can play cooking and girls can make robots.

Thus, the gender detection party will also be more neutral by not using blue or pink. Color does not contain the right sex?

It is estimated that all things that look like the smell of subscription will be great this year. Are you sure GuavaPass will sign up for access to a sports venue? Now there is also a Parentstory, a kind of GuavaPass, but specifically for playgrounds and family activities.

For tickets from 3 to 10 per month, the female prostitutes must subscribe only from 359 thousand rupees. Definitely cheaper than having to pay directly at the site. The application can be found on App Store and PlayStation, Moms!

Audio book
Screen time is a very important topic last year. Many surviving parents do not give a lot of screen time because they are concerned about the child's growth and health.

Instead, the trend is expected to become audible. Only mothers need to download the audio book and listen to it with your toddler. Like storytelling!

A real talk
The ideal mother is the last decade, now it's about real words! There is a time when every Instagram mother appears on their ideal side. But they seem tired.

This year's estimates suggest that mothers will start talking about many things from young children to abortion, which are usually taboo.

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