Get to Know more about AHA and BHA so as not to Wrongly Choose a Product

Previously, you are probably still very curious about AHA and BHA. However, after the Korean skin care began to mushroom, the popularity of AHA and BHA began to become widely known. However, not everyone understands the difference between the two. For more details, I will discuss the differences in AHA and BHA in more detail.

The differences in AHA and BHA should be understood

Before buying a product that is either a toner powder or anything else, this is the difference between AHA and BHA that you need to understand:


AHAs are an abbreviation of alpha hydroxy acid. Inside the AHA there are many compounds such as glycolic acid (from cane sugar), lactic acid (from milk), malic acid (from apples), and citric acid (from orange). Antioxidant fatty acids include water-soluble acids.

While BHA stands for beta-hydroxy acid. In the world of dermatology, BHA resembles salicylic acid. Therefore, unlike AHA which contains many compounds, BHA contains only one compound. In addition, BHA is not soluble in water but in oil or fat.


AHAs have the ability to damage the skin layer in the outer part (corneal layer). The goal is to stimulate new and healthy skin growth. In addition, AHAs also help increase the amount of collagen so that the skin is more flexible and flexible. Therefore, AHAs are commonly used in anti-aging cream products.

Meanwhile, BHA is generally able to enter the pores of the skin to remove dead skin cells that accumulate and excess oil. Therefore, BHA is usually suitable for skin prone to oil and acne.

Side effects

AHA and BHA contain irritants so they can irritate the skin if used incorrectly. Therefore, you really need to know the right way to use it by reading the usage instructions first.

Skin problems that can be dealt with

As explained above, AHA drugs are used to treat various skin problems associated with aging. For example, skin color, uneven texture and fine wrinkles on the skin. While BHA is very suitable for use to overcome various problems with oily skin and acne.

What to consider before choosing AHA and BHA products
Select the product

Do not randomly choose AHA or BHA products. When choosing an appropriate AHA product, for example, you should consider the concentration of the product. Because each skin has a different threshold for AHA concentration.

No, you buy a product with a very high concentration because it may cause skin irritation. Therefore, it would be much better if you consulted a specialist in the genitals (SP. KK).

The same rule applies when you want to buy a BHA product. You should know the type of acne you have first. This is related to the level of BHA concentration to be purchased.

If acne is still in moderate condition or still in the form of blackheads, you can buy low concentration BHA products sold in the market.

However, if acne has already inflamed and ulcers, you need a high concentration of BHA. However, this product can not be purchased in the market and can only be obtained with the permission of an expert doctor.

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