Watch Live Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Reunite Perform ‘Shallow’


Bradley Cooper may have been quite disappointed earlier this week when an Oscar nomination was announced and his name was not on the list of those who competed for the Best Director. Frankly, I'm not sure what the Academy is thinking because, for me, A Star Is Born is perfect. (He does take nominations in acting and scenario categories, so that helps.)

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Reunite Perform

Cooper received greater honor

But over the weekend, Bradley Cooper accepted what many people called greater honor: He appeared directly with "ASIB's" opponent and fellow Oscar nominee Lady Gaga at the Las Vegas show, Enigma. Gaga took Cooper on stage to do their big hit "Shallow," and the crowd was clearly confused to see Jackson and Ally Maine reunited on the stage once more.

Live - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Although I might be personally disappointed that Bradley Cooper did not hide Jackson's long, oily hair under his baseball cap, he seemed quite comfortable on the stage to keep some sound disturbances. Once a pro, Gaga said, "I even upset you," referring to a monitor that is used by many players during live shows to listen to music.

Initially, Cooper couldn't hear anything, but as soon as the sound crew solved the problem, he launched the first famous lyrics, "Tell me something, girl ..." and I was immediately taken back to the fictional love story of Jackson and the Allies. He obviously hasn't lost his voice since they finished the film, and Gaga, of course, sounds amazing. Cooper even damaged several vintage Jackson Maine guitar movements when Gaga moved to the iconic "Shallow" lament.

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