How to Lose Weight Fast – Weight Loss Drink at Home


By - Hi Friends. You are reading my blog and My hearty welcome those who are reading our blog. Weight loss may be easy but losing weight permanently is a tough task. Following many methods, you will get an only temporary solution. In recent articles, I will look slim. So in this articles, I am sharing this tip which I followed and lost weight.

Step 1

Pour two glasses of water in a vessel. Bring it to boil. Add little cinnamon powder in it.
In recent researches, it is said that cinnamon powder reduces weight effectively. Cinnamon powder controls our blood sugar levels.

Step 2

High blood sugar increases the appetite and it leads to overeating. Cinnamon controls our appetite. It reduces bad cholesterol and retains good cholesterol. Wait for 2 minutes and switch off the stove.

Step 3

Squeeze a lemon in this. Lemon burns fat and keeps us healthy. Vitamin C, Fibre, Minerals present in it helps to lose weight without dieting. Wait till it becomes warm. Filter the juice in a glass.


Add 1 tbsp of honey. Honey gives instant energy and increases immune power. Weight loss drink is ready. Store the balance juice for a night at room temperature. Heat, add honey and Drink the balance juice in the night before going to bed.

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