Make Your Face so Moist Before Consuming It

Make Your Face so Moist Before Consuming It - By

Make Your Face so Moist Before Consuming It - By - In addition to maintenance, daily eating can also make the face clean and moist. There are many types of foods that contain dietary content needed by the skin. So health and beauty will always be awake.

Face Skin Moist

One of them is omega-3 fish oil. Fish oil is very good to make the skin soft and reduce wrinkles. Eating fish oil can improve skin elasticity and protects cells in the skin and improves flexibility.

"Fish oil is derived mainly from the deep ocean, rich in essential fatty acids also needed by the skin," said Kalbe Nutritionals, head of medicine. Muliaman Mansyur to, Friday (08/06/2018).

Eating Vegetables

Eating vegetables every day has a positive effect on the skin. Such as spinach which if consumed regularly can moisturize the skin because it contains many nutrients. One of them is vitamin A which can make the skin become soft and soft.

Not only that, eggs can also regenerate all cells of the body, including the skin, because it is rich in protein. In addition, the egg also contains sulfur and lutein, which increases the flexibility of the skin and moisturize it naturally.

The fruits are also very important for maintaining healthy skin. Such as avocado fruit that contains many nutrients such as vitamin C, E, and unsaturated fat content. It can make skin content more fresh, moist, smooth and healthy.

There are also berries such as cranberry and berries, as well as to maintain skin moisture. Therefore, these fruits contain the highest antioxidant content of other types of fresh fruits. Antioxidants have a great effect on the prevention of free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin.

The fruit

"The fruit of berries such as blueberries, strawberries, acai berry is very rich in antioxidants, and they have high or strong antioxidant capabilities that will be linked to free radicals are very good and high. Therefore can maintain the health of the skin and moisture quickly so that aging does not occur, Muliaman explained.

In addition, consumption is also a collagen supplement. Collagen is an important protein to maintain stiffness, elasticity, and skin moisture. By taking collagen supplements routinely, the skin's elasticity and moisture will be repaired from the inside so that the skin does not dry and remain rubbery.

Type of Food

"Another type of food that is mentioned significantly affects skin moisture, a protein with one part of the clinically proven collagen peptide to help the skin moist," he continued.

Collagen can be obtained in the beauty diva drink, an appendix containing 1000 mg of collagen, elastin peptides and vitamin E, as well as super antioxidants.

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