You Need to Know 5 Rules of Cleaning Your Face


by - Cleansing the face is a daily routine of beauty that you should not miss. You need to cleanse your face at least twice a day, morning and evening. In addition to the cleansing of the face must also be taken into account that dirt, dust, oil, and germs are completely lost from the skin.

Some skin beauty experts will provide instructions for proper facial cleansing and determine the right cleaning product for each skin type and weather. The following description is cited by Women's Health.

1. Clean it slowly

Do not be too quick to cleanse the face because the result will not be maximized. Apply lather, cleansing oil or gentle cleansing gel, followed by a light massage, so that the cleansing formula effectively releases oil, dirt on all sides. Any type of facial cleanser can remove impurities from the pores if you give enough time to work.

2. Hands have to be hygienic

Prevent bacteria and debris from getting into your face by washing them first. Wash your hands, rinse and dry your hands before cleaning your face.

3. Pay attention to skin types and weather changes

"The skin is usually greasier in summer and drier in winter, so I suggest you change the cleansing products from season to season," says dermatologist David Bank, M.D.

In fact, Indonesia has only two seasons, namely heat and rain. If you work all day in an air-conditioned room, you should still use a softer and moisturizing formula cleaner. If you travel more outdoors, use soap with a stronger cleansing formula to reduce sebum, oil, and pores.

When choosing the right cleanser, look for what you really need for the skin. For example, to prevent acne, remove make-up or moisturizer on the dry and sensitive skin.

4. Rotating movement

Do not rub the face too hard, with vertical movements (repeated above and below) as there is a risk of skin irritation. Clean your face with your fingers, give a light massage with a circular movement from the inside out. Do the same thing on your neck. Cleaning your face with a circular motion will stimulate blood circulation and oxygen on the skin.

5. Rinse

Regardless of the type and shape of the cleaning agent, it is very important to rinse it with water. "Never wipe it off (only) with a handkerchief," advises beauty expert Renee Rouleau celebrity subscription.

Detergents in the form of creams, oils, balms or gels leave residues on the skin surface so that other treatments such as serum or moisturizer can be more difficult to absorb into the skin. After cleaning, sprinkle warm water on your face and then rinse with cold water.

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