Powerful Tips to Train Your Toddler Speaking Ability


There are Toddler Speaking sentences very fluently and beautifully at the age of 3 years. But there are also those who are still shattered and puzzled by the adults who speak.

The ability of Toddler Speaking is not necessarily necessary to compare with each other because they will develop at their own speed. However, there are some things that can be done to train the abilities to talk to young children.

Speak clearly and correctly

We as adults do not need to imitate the existence of children. The car is a car, not "obin" or "obil". The child will take the right word so that if we talk spoiled, he will assume that the word is correct and do not try to change it again.

Do not rush to talk, do we have our own tone when talking to children correctly? Use the tone to read the words slowly and clearly.

Use perfect sentences

Do not get cut like "eat!" But "you have to eat" or "eat first!". The more likely you are, the more likely you will be able to copy perfect sentences faster.

Speak in the standard language

Speaking standard languages helps children learn the right words. Speaking standard languages makes children feel like parents.

Repeat the same word continuously

Repeat the same words constantly in different situations so that the child understands the context. For example, blue is not only in toys but also clothing and sky. Or square shapes not only for books but also for lunch boxes.

Chat often

How long do mothers spend time chatting with children? Invite him to talk, and motivate him to participate in the conversation. I invite him to talk, ask the things that interest him. Although at first, he may not be able to answer, over time he will certainly be able to answer and ask questions.

Do not cut when talking

Sometimes children take a long time to think about the next word. His support for continuing the sentence rather than cutting or justifying. The child learns, of course, thinks for a long time.

Call to play with older children

Playing with older children with more vocabulary usually makes children talk more quickly. This is why the second child is much more than the casciscus because he often communicates with his brother.

Read a book

Reading books is usually good and can teach him many things. From adding vocabulary, developing imagination, to bonding with mothers.


The spirit of teaching children to talk about mothers!

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