Should Know! This Disease Lurks a New Bride


For the newlyweds, when they are definitely waiting for their honeymoon. You and your partner may imagine intimate moments together. Feeling good with the first night's fun is fine, really. However, beware of honeymoon bladder inflammation, a urinary tract infection that often attacks women during their honeymoon. So you can avoid urinary tract infections during your honeymoon, see the following important information, yes.

Is this the cystitis of the honeymoon?

Honeymoon Cystitis is a urinary tract infection caused by sex. Women who have sex for the first time are usually more susceptible to the disease. The reason is that the different types of bacteria that have interfered with the anus in the urethra (urinary hole). The reason, during sex, is that the penis or finger of the husband can become a medium to easily transfer these bacteria. Bacteria that enter the urethra and urinary tract will cause infection or inflammation.

Women are more likely to have urinary tract infections during the honeymoon because their anatomy differs from that of men. The distance between the ureter, the vaginal opening, and the anus is very close. At the same time in the men the distance too far.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection during the honeymoon
Note if you or your partner experience the following symptoms. You may have honeymoon cystitis.

  • Pain when urinating
  • Hard to urinate
  • Smoothly (you want to urinate constantly)
  • Urinary incontinence
  • The urine looks cloudy and its smell is very foul
  • Fever in the case of spread of infection to the kidneys
  • Handling and treatment

If you experience the above symptoms, visit your doctor immediately. Antibiotics may be prescribed to combat bacterial infections. If you follow your doctor's advice and take the medicine as recommended, urinary tract infections when the honeymoon can be cured within 3 to 5 days.

While undergoing treatment, make sure you drink plenty of water and do not carry urine. You and your partner must also have sex until they are fully recovered.

Prevent urinary tract infections during honeymoon
So you and your partner can spend a romantic and healthy honeymoon, there are many things you need to consider. One of them is urinating after sex, especially for women. Peeing after making love can wash and remove bacteria from the anus of the urinary tract.

Also make sure during the honeymoon, do not sleep with underwear made of silk or lace. The tissue material will make the vaginal, urinary and anal regions wet and hot. As a result, bacteria multiply rapidly. After having sex, it is best to change your underwear from cotton or not to wear underwear at all.

If you want to clean the vaginal area after the first night, wipe it from front to back, not vice versa. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria from the anus. Also, do not clean the vaginal area with female soap. Female soap is prone to changes in natural pH so that bacteria can infect the urinary tract more easily.

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