Sweet Potato Consumption For Healthy and Clean Skin

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FavorswithStyle.com - Hi Ladies, who do not know sweet potatoes? In Indonesia is one source of food that is very easy to find. Unlike rice, yams are still categorized as second-class food for staple food. In fact, sweet potato itself capable of filling, not inferior to rice.

Sweet potatoes are a natural source of beta-carotene which can suppress the risk of various chronic diseases, such as cancer, cataracts and cardiovascular. Meanwhile, its anthocyanin content serves as an anti-inflammatory agent for the skin.

For your own skin, sweet potatoes have a variety of extraordinary benefits if consumed regularly, among others:

Overcoming Oily Skin

Sweet potato proved able to suppress oil production in the face. The trick is to boil sweet potatoes, then destroy them. Combine with a tablespoon of honey, then applied like using a mask usually. Let stand 20-30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Improve Skin Texture

Use sweet potato water boil for toner. Store it in a spray bottle and insert it into the refrigerator. Spray whenever needed. This natural toner will absorb excess oil, cleanse the pores and cool the irritated skin.

Reduces Panda Eyes and Swelling

Take two pieces of sweet potatoes that have been boiled, paste into the eyes that are swollen and blackened. Anthocyanins in sweet potatoes help reduce pigmentation and anti-inflammation.

Makes Skin Not Slack Quickly

Be diligent in consuming sweet potatoes because their vitamin C content is rich in collagen. Collagen is good for maintaining skin elasticity and making it look younger.

Well, Ladies, that's some of the benefits of sweet potato for skin health and beauty. Not hard to find and practice is not it?

Good luck, Ladies!

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