Want to Vacation in Asia? 7 of the Best Beaches to Inspire Your Traveling 2019

Favorswithstyle.com - When discussing holiday destinations in the Asian region, feel it is incomplete if you miss a row of beautiful beaches in it. Not only Indonesia, but other Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines also offer many beaches that are no less beautiful. It is not uncommon for tourists from all over the world to be ready to travel for a few days to enjoy the views of the beach.

Well, FlightNetwork, with comments from more than 600 journalists, editors, bloggers, and travel agents, has listed the top 50 beaches in Asia. Starting from the Philippines coast to Indonesia, let's take a look at the best seven beaches in the Asian region of the list!

1. Hidden Beach - El Nido, Philippines

As the name suggests, this beach is really hidden in the Philippines. To get to this beach, you have to swim through a small place on the wall of the cliff that "hides" this beach. A trip to the beach is very far and you have to use a tour at a price around P1400 or around 400,000 rupees. However, this trip will definitely pay with a view of the white sands, clear sea waters and rocks that seem to be framing this hidden beach. Is it beautiful?

2. Maya Bay - in, Thailand

The name Maya Bay has increasingly risen as the best beach destination since this place became the beach photography site, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in 1999. How not? The bay is surrounded by slopes 100 meters high on the three sides that provide unique and different views. The beach itself is decorated with white sand with a variety of exotic fish and colorful reefs that can be clearly seen from the clear waters. With the beauty of the views provided, no wonder that this bay is almost uninhabited, huh!

3. Railay Beach – Thailand

Back from Thailand, the best beach in Asia will fall on the beach of Relay. Although at first glance looks like a separate island, Relay is actually a peninsula of mainland Thailand. However, the only access to the beach is by boat, because access from the mainland is blocked by high cliffs and dense forests. Well, this forbidden access makes Railey more popular beaches, because this beach offers tranquility with cliffs and jungle views.

4. Radhanagar Beach – Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Radhanagar Beach, or what is commonly referred to as the Pantai Number 7 by locals, is one of the best beaches in India with white sand and blue sea. This beach is also a favorite for divers because of quiet water with beautiful marine life. One of the other advantages of Radhanagar Beach is that this beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset, you know!

5. Bai Khem Beach – Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Previously, Bai Kim Beach was a military zone that did not allow tourists to visit this area. However, over time, this beach is no longer a military area and began to target the public, even as a tourist destination. Now, if you're looking for a quiet, natural and "untouched" beachfront destination, the beach of Pai Khim, which has been completely abandoned as it is, can be the right choice.

6. Ngapali Beach - Myanmar

The Sea of Bengal stretches 7 km away, the Ngabali beach in Myanmar. Although it is more popular with Pagan Temple, it has been shown that Myanmar is very popular in the Sahel region and its own fishing area. On this beach, you can not just relax, or wait for the sunset, or enjoy fresh seafood, but you can also tour with the fishermen to see other small islands. They are, interesting to try, here!

7. Pink Beach - Komodo Islands, Indonesia

As the name suggests, Pink Beach is a pink sand beach on Komodo Island, Indonesia. Well, the pink sand color actually comes from Foraminifera, a microscopic animal that gives red pigments to corals. A combination of red tints with white sand produces beautiful vase colors along the coast. Besides offering a beautiful view of the pink sand, you can also enjoy the beauty of marine life through dives, you know!

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