Weezer is a band that has gotten continually worse over the last three decades

Weezer, Since the catchy, blistering. Sometimes ugly song that made the Blue Album 1994 and Pinkerton 1996 a touchstone for injured dorks everywhere. Along the way, there are so many potential breaking points for fans, it's easy to lose count. There was the beginning of listening to "Beverly Hills," with thirst disguised as irony. Or the first time you heard rap-rock "I'm Your Father," "The Girl Got Hot," and "Can't Stop Partying" in Raditude. Three crimes the very stupid ones are done back to back. They are increasing, gradually reducing what is left of your service, but without fail, every time Weezer releases something new and bad, a small portion of me still feels disappointed. in the eyes of friends and loved ones, they idolized a band that used to look like a model for escaping teenage twins but never grew. Will I shake this?

Weezer 25 years ago

If you asked me 25 years ago to identify the most bankable quality of Weezer, I would probably gush about Rivers Cuomo is one of the great guitar players of the 1990s alt-rock, both in terms of a four-chord tart riff that held the brain You are a hostage and a solo that makes your heart explode. It's true that he's great at it, but it's not the only thing that keeps Weezer going. It's also playful and lacks shame.

From "What's with these homies who hate my girl?" Until the cover of "Africa" and "Rosanna" last year by the classic Los Angeles Toto rocker, Weezer has been doing exercises to make the bespectacled river bright and in giving feedback to the sect of the day First, fans who will not like anything like seeing their band revive the bookworm anger of their youth for a long time either to come out or buzz. They do whatever they want now, and that seems to make people angry. If you value nice and smooth trolls, you have to respect them.

Weezer marketing team worse

If I'm on the Weezer marketing team, I might also think it's a good idea to replicate "African" success by making a cover album (mostly) in the 80s. This is a predictable and intergenerational viral feed that is suitable for a band that tries to be a nostalgic action while remaining mercilessly pushing new music. And in fact, Teal Album is not very important in music, it is almost useless to be angry about it.

But still. They changed "No Scrubs" to dead skin from sexy, self-powered, and their cheap elbow metal chords to "Billie Jean. "There are some favorite synth-pop karaoke versions that are fun, but often non-Rivers band members sound like they prefer to do anything but provide Weezer-y updates to fucking "Happy Together" and "Stand By Me." And "Africa" remains, well, "Africa": Weezer's rendering is always averaged with slightly harder instrumentation, such as a sign of a horn bumper sticker slapped on an old Dodge Minivan.

Weezer's ongoing strategy

The real reason why this album came to me was that of Weezer's ongoing strategy to prioritize shtick still functioning. Teal basically went viral this week, giving an impetus to the upcoming 13th band's original LP promotion. Black Album, whose singles were quite rough so far, on the one hand, it is very impressive that a nerd-rock band past its prime can still be seen enough to inspire. "Saturday Night Live" sketch about whether they are still good (and then use it by selling T-shirts). On the other hand, it seems, can't they use that energy to make better songs than chasing tacky trends and trying to grow rap flow? But that becomes a fact that is tried and true amidst the gloomy landscape of mainstream rock. When Weezer found a functioning while their despair for a hit made them funny themselves.

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